The Altgird on a map drawn by D. M. Cornish.
Part of Harthe Alle
Type Continent
Appearances Series

The Altgird is the continental mass of which the Half-Continent is but the southeastern portion. It in turn is part of a larger world known as the Harthe Alle. Monster Blood Tattoo primarily occurs in a small portion of the Soutlands area of the Half-Continent, but makes reference to the areas beyond in the Altgird.

Behind the scenesEdit

Based on a map that D. M. Cornish posted on his blog in September 2009,[1] the Altgird includes:

9). Principalitine States
10). N'go
11). Turkmantine Empire
12). Half-Continent
13). Lausid States
14). Dhaghestahn

The cultures of all of these areas are based on real world equivalents. The Altgird is not shown to be connected to any other continents, but may be connected to Magog assuming that Cornish's map of the Harthe Alle wraps around. To the west is the Occident, Heilgoland is to the south, and to the east lies Parthia, the Brigandine States, and the Derelands.


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