Type Pediteer and palliateer
Employed by Various including the Haacobin Empire
Special equipment Fusil
Appearances Lamplighter

An ambuscadier is a type of light infantry which function as skirmishers and scouts. They are classed as pediteers as well as palliateers because of their role of operating in stealth and ambush. They may be formed into a piquet comprising other individuals specialising in sneaking (e.g. leers or lurksmen). Ambuscadiers favour arms such as the fusil because of its lighter weight and ease of use in woodland as opposed to a standard musket.[1]

Historically ambuscadiers were recruited from peltrymen and woodsmen, who by the nature of their occupations were skilled at fieldcraft and used to operating in the wilderness. This legacy is reflected in the harness used by ambuscadiers in the Half-Continent's armies, which is modeled on the clothing and equipment used by peltrymen.[2]


Ambuscade is an older term for ambush and can be used as a noun or verb. Ambuscadiers are similar to real world light infantry units such as the jägers and chasseurs.


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