Ambush at Step Dribble
Date HIR 1601
Location Step Dribble
Affiliations involved
  • Rossamünd Bookchild
  • Craumpalin
  • Europe
  • Fransitart

Appearances Factotum

The ambush at Step Dribble was an ambuscade that occured near Orchard Harriet as Europe and her party were returning to Brandenbrass from her knave. They were attacked by a mixed group of Eastern Piltmen, Seven-Seven fictlers, fistdukes, and jackstraws controlled by a sciomane, all acting at the behest of Pater Pontiflex Maupin. The timely intervention of Cinnamon and Freckle saved the party and they did not sustain any losses apart from their horses.


Pater Pontiflex Maupin had tasked an unnamed brinksman disguised as a reddleman to follow Europe and her party during their knave and he was seen by them several times, the first instance occurring after they had left Brandenbrass. However despite these coincidences, the apparent impossibility of him being able to keep pace with them on foot largely contributed to their suspicions not being raised. The intelligence that the brinksman gathered enabled the ambushers to determine the likely route that the party would take to return to Brandenbrass.


Cinnamon and Freckle interveneEdit


The gudgeons and most of the mercenaries dead or dying, Cinnamon led Europe and her battered followers to succour at Orchard Harriet. At Europe's command the sciomane was left wandering in the woods, the dead and wounded where they lay. When Spedillo and Amonias Silence were sent by Gaspard Plume several days later, they managed to recover some baggage but left when it became apparent that allies of the ambushers were still lurking in the area.

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