Rossamund as a prentice-lighter
Rossamünd Bookchild as a prentice-ligher.
Alternate names Prentice
Employed by Various
Notable examples Rossamünd Bookchild
Appearances Trilogy

An apprentice, also known as a 'prentice, is a person who is working in training under the tutelage of their employer in order to eventually take on a specific occupation. It is used in the training of various occupations ranging from the civilian to the military. Normally an apprentice serves under and learns from a master for four years, after which they become a journeyman or companion. At this point they can work independently and accrue more experience. After a minimum of six years at their trade, they can become masters and take on their own apprentices. In the social order, apprentices fall into the category known as peons.[1]


The following occupations are mentioned to train people as apprentices:


The following characters are or were prentices at one point. For those who were prentice-lighters, see prentice-lighter.


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