Type Armed Forces
Based in Various City-states
Appearances Trilogy

The army is one of the two major armed forces, the other being the navy. It specializes in land-based warfare, and is the most general of fighting forces. In the Haacobin Empire, the army of each state is limited in size by the Accords of Menschen. Usually, they are capped at around 10,000 soldiers, a number deemed suitable for guarding cities and patrolling the countryside. The troop vacuum is filled by mercenary regiments, including lesquins, which are perfectly legal and often hired by states.

States with more land are sometimes given an exception by the Emperor himself and allowed a larger than usual standing army. Some states use this loophole to raise formidable forces, much to the disdain of their neighbors, who send their representative ministers to protest in the Imperial Parliament. Sometimes the Emperor might then order a reduction, leading to protests from the offending state, and the cycle repeats itself as the mercenaries count their money.

Armies, like the navy and the lamplighters, include marine societies like Madam Opera's in their recruitment drives.

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