Arx maria
Part of Harbour
Type Coastal fort
Appearances Factotum
Economous Musgrove

An arx maria ("sea fort" in Tutin) is a heavy fortification, strongly resembling a castle, that is sited near harbor mouths of everymen domains to guard against foes both human and monstrous.

Brandenbrass arx mariaEdit

In Brandenbrass there are five arx maria arrayed in a flattened semicircle about its many harbors, each playing a significant part in many desperate seaward defenses of the city. They are, starting from the northernmost:

  • Cauda Caputum ("head of the tail")
  • Fidelis Fidës ("constant ally")
  • Saxum Cor ("stone heart")
  • Scorpis Aculeum ("scorpion sting")
  • Ocula Austerima ("southernmost eyes")

These arx maria are constructed of granite and concrete with foundations on the sea floor and are each a mile apart from each other. Their upper works are painted in a checked pattern in the colours of Brandenbrass: black and white. The upper walls are sloped slightly inward and lined with loopholes and small slit windows. Armaments consist of cannon, lambasts, and tormentums.[1]


  1. Factotum, Chapter 1

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