Wighthall, Ashenstall, Patrishalt
Wighthall, Ashenstall, and Patrishalt.
Part of Conduit Vermis
Type Cothouse
Appearances Lamplighter

Ashenstall is a cothouse on the Conduit Vermis located between Wighthall and Patrishalt. Named from the grey land surrounding it and perhaps the local stone which was mostly used to build it, Ashenstall is the last costhouse before the Conduit Vermis descends into the Frugelle from the Placidine. This remote and dangerous section of the Conduit Vermis is known as the "ignoble end of the road".


Bellicos had previously served at Ashenstall before being reposted to Winstermill to assist in the training of the prentice-lighters. In HIR 1601 the Lamplighter-Marshal announced during the pageant-of-arms that Ashenstall's entire 2nd Lantern-Watch had perished during a monster attack.[1] Onion Mole was later assigned here on the advanced Billeting Day.[2] During Rossamünd Bookchild's journey east with Threnody and Europe, the post-lentum they were riding in was to have stopped at Ashenstall for the night. However Europe had no desire to sleep there and paid the lentermen to push on to the Prideful Poll.


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