Part of Half-Continent
Type Empire
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Foundling explicarium. Foundling mini
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Factotum explicarium. Factotum mini

Attica is a region on the eastern coast of the Half-Continent. It was the site of an ancient empire ruled by the Attics.


At its height Attica stretched from the Nought to the Furgundis, that is, roughly the entire coast from the Campalline to Obdo Vomica/Loquor. The great Dido or Ix River (also called Plum Run or Hagwater) runs through Attica, stretching as far as the Autumn of Sleep and draining at the Autumnmeers. It is not known whether Dido was named after this river or the reverse. Attica may be a region of Opera or Opera of Attica: they appear to overlap. Its capitol was Athis: other Attic cities included Bernice, Syrtica, Oea, Hesperides, Lamia, Candia, Dicaea, Larissa, Pharsalus, Ambracia, Opus, Ceos, Amphipolis and Euboea.


Idaho was one of Attica's greatest rulers. Her granddaughter, the Empress Dido was driven out by her councilors and eventually founded the Sceptic Empire.

The exact fate of Attica has not been revealed, nor is it known if the region is still inhabited.

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