Alternate names Sceptine
Type Teratologist
Notable examples Dolours
Appearances Lamplighter
Economous Musgrove
Mentioned Factotum

A bane is a teratologist who is both a wit and skold. The calendar term is sceptine.[1]

In a similar manner as dexters, banes may start out as either a wit or skold before deciding to take on or learn the abilities of the other. Wits have a more demanding schedule of alembants that they must adhere to than fulgars and may choose to make these themselves rather than entrusting others. They may thus discover that they have the talent for making other scripts, resulting in them also going into skolding. Skolds may decide to gain a wit's power by transmogrification. Dolours is an an example of this latter case, having started out as a skold and becoming a wit after joining the Right of the Pacific Dove.


Banes have a wit's abilities and can makie rare and powerful potives such as bitterbright. They are described as being "rare and extraordinary".[2]


Bane formerly referred to poison, especially several poisonous plants. In its contemporary definition it refers to a cause of misery, death, or a curse.


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  2. Lamplighter, Chapter 1

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