Battle of Winstermill
Date HIR 1601
Location Winstermill
Outcome Fall of Winstermill and loss of the western end of the Conduit Vermis
Affiliations involved Winstermill garrison

Right of the Pacific Dove
Allied monsters led by Cinnamon
Unnamed landsaire of lesquins

Enemy monsters

Participants Podious Whympre

Laudibus Pile
Black-eyed wit

Dolours Threnody


The Battle of Winstermill was fought between a force of wretchling monsters on one side and the combined forces of the Winstermill garrison, calendars of the Right of the Pacific Dove, and the Duke of Sparrows' servants and allies on the other led by Cinnamon. It resulted in the fall of the manse, expulsion of the lamplighters, and the occupation of the fortress by monsters. This effectively cut off the Conduit Vermis from the rest of civilization. It is the latest battle in the conflict between human and monster over control of the Wormway.

The morning after the assault, landsaires encamped near Winstermill attempted to recapture Winstermill but suffered a bloody repulse at the gates and were forced to retreat.

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