Alternate names Sweet-lass
Type Additive
User Lahzars
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Foundling explicarium. Foundling mini

Belladonna, also known as sweet-lass in Hergoatenbosch and pratchigin in the south, is a powder derived from the root of the poisonous nightshade bush. Small doses can be used to relieve stomach ailments while a slightly stronger dose can briefly improve the user's spirits. It is deadlier in larger quantities and can cause comas or death. Belladonna may be added to Cathar's Treacle to aid with digestion as well as provide a quick boost to the user's self esteem, but it is not an essential ingredient.


Its name and usage are derived from the perennial herbaceous plant Atropa belladonna, which has a long history of use as a medicine, cosmetic, and poison.

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