A black habilist, is a person involved with forbidden or borderline areas in the study of habilistics. Other common names for black habilists are massacars (especially when referring to creators of gudgeons), morbidists and cankourmen.  There are many philosophies of black habilistics (or morbidology), including:

  • Necrology: The study of raising corpses to life, whose practicioners are called necrologists or necromancers.
  • Fabercadavery: The illegal discipline of making monsters from parts, whose practicioners are called cadavarists.
  • Therospeusia: The illegal art of growing monsters from living matter, whose practicioners are called therospeusists or theropusists.
  • Transmogrification: The process in which surgeons create lahzars from everymen , whose practicioners are called transmogrifers.

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