Harold vs. Slothog
A pamphlet illustration of Harold facing the Slothog, a famous bolbogis.
Other names Dog-of-war
Origin Outside the Haacobin Empire, including the Turkmantine Empire
Affiliations Turkeman army, among others
Type Gudgeon
Unique traits Large size
Mentioned Foundling

A bolbogis, also known as a dog-of-war, teratobellum, bollumbog, or carnivolpes, is a type of gudgeon specifically created and bred for war. They are more common north of Marrow and are notably used by the Turkeman army. The Turkemen's most notable bolbogis was the Slothog, which fought in the Battle of the Gates.


Bolbogis are cared for by beast-handlers, who are responsible for feeding, cleaning, bridling, training, and controlling them. Using carefully applied potives and thick chains, they bring the bolbogis onto the battlefield and work them into a rage by pricking them with goads until they are close enough to the enemy to be released. However it is still possible for the bolbogis to instead turn on its allies, necessitating its subjugation. Most bolbogis live for about a dozen years and particularly large ones are more common outside the Haacobin Empire. Although the Empire does not use them in battle itself as making such monsters is illegal, ironically owning them is not.


"Terato" and "bellum" mean "drawn" and "war" in Latin, respectively. In the same language "carni" means "flesh" and "vulpes" means "foxes".

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