Alternate names Boschenburg
Part of Hergoetenbosch
Type City
Ruler Unnamed duke
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Appearances Foundling
Mentioned Lamplighter

Boschenberg (also written as Boschenburg, pronounced "bosh-en-burg") is the capital of the powerful city-state of Hergoetenbosch in the Soutlands. It was the site of Madam Opera's and is Rossamünd Bookchild and Gosling Corvinius Arbour's hometown. People from the city are known as Boschenbergers.


Much of the city's wealth comes from riparian trade and revenue from the Axles, a pair of rivergates straddling the River Humour north and south of the city's waterfront. In addition to the city, its rivergates and the hinterland of Hergoetenbosch, the dukes of Boschenberg possess a few wide-flung colonies: for example, High Vesting hosts the Boschenberg navy and penal mining settlements far to the northeast in Euclasia absorb her convicts. Boschenberg used to be the trade emporium for the Sulk as well, but has been surpassed by her rival Proud Sulking in recent years.


Boschenberg's main rival is Brandenbrass, having absorbed the latter's city of High Vesting after a civil uprising. In return the Brandenards obtained Imperial permission to build the Spindle, a rivergate between Proud Sulking and the Sough which allows them to regulate traffic between Boschenberg and the Grume. As the Boschenberg economy is based on trade along the Humour this is a serious point of friction between the two states.


Boschenberg was orignially the fortress of the Hergotts, a people conquered by the Tutins long ago. Their last stand against the invaders was made on the site now encompassed by the city's walls.



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