Part of Grume
Type City-state and archduchy
Ruler Narsesës
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Appearances Factotum
Mentioned Foundling

Brandenbrass is a prominent city-state of the Soutlands and one of the region's largest. An archduchy ruled by Narsesës, it is a notable centre of commerce and ram construction. Europe, who has lived in the city for over a decade, is sometimes mistakenly believed to have come from there, resulting in her nickname of the "Branden Rose".


The city is on the western side of the Grume.


Brandenbrass was at first an independent princedom. During the invasion of the Tutins, the original lords of Brandenbrass, the metropolitans, negotiated with them to prevent the city from being sacked. The prince then became an archduke and served as a regent of first the Sceptic Empire, then the Haacobin Empire. A cabinet and the metropolitans, now senior ministers, assist the archduke with government, which is located at the Brandendirk.


The city is several hundred years old, having been founded in the early 8th century HIR by Burgundian princes who were fleeing the Gotts and Skylds to the east. The site of Brandenbrass was first inhabited by the Pilts, the original inhabitants of the area that later became the Grumid states.

Narsesës is the current archduke of Brandenbrass.



In HIR 1601 Narsesës was planning to join the Imperial campaign against the Lausid States in the west. However it is suggested that the fall of Winstermill to a determined monster assault would force him to alter his plans.


Brandenbrass does not have a large army, which numbers only 3,000 in comparison to up to 10,000 that are allowed the states that comprise the Haacobin Empire. However it is home several of the best mercenary regiments, which have been granted parks or protected lands to billet and train. This is a tremendous advantage to Brandenbrass, as its great wealth would allow first pick of these regiments ahead of its rival city-states. The Black Straps, a famous lesquin regiment, is headquartered in Brandenbrass.

By comparison, Brandenbrass has a large navy, making it one of the premiere naval powers of the Grume. It is also a leader in ram construction and the headquarters of the manufacturer Hullghast Articled Ordnance Company.


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