Wormstool brodchin
The Wormstool brodchin.
Other names Sprosslings
Age Ancient
Type Nicker
Stance towards everyman Hostile
Unique traits Most bestial-looking of monsters
Capable of human speech
Appearances Lamplighter

A brodchin is the most bestial-looking of the monsters as well as among the oldest, being among the Sprosslings who were created following the Primmlings. Brodchin often move in packs and reproduce by unknown and bizarre methods. They can be found in the wilds, such as Ichormeer and the Loquor.[1]



Several brodchin participated in the Battle of Wormstool. One had rabbit-like legs and was killed by Rossamünd Bookchild with his fodicar. The largest brodchin, which had killed Fadus Theudas, joined the fight that four of its fellows were engaged in against Rossamünd and Threnody, asking Rossamünd why he sided with the humans. Rossamünd was able to beat the brodchin to death with his fodicar, and, sensing the fall of their leader, the rest of the monsters, even those inside the cothouse, fled. Just before it died, Rossamünd apologised to the brodchin and felt a great sadness for the monsters he had been forced to kill in the battle, which appeared to have been understood and reciprocated by the brodchin. Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill later brought up the topic of brodchin during Rossamünd's court-martial.[1]


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