Type Ammunition
User Civilians and military
Appearances Series

Bullets in the form of lead shot are the standard ammunition for flintlock firearms. For muskets the bullets are called ball and are about 1.9 cm (3/4 of an inch) in diameter. The size of pistol ammunition is not specified. Bullets are carried in a bullet-bag.

While lethal against humans, regular bullets are not as effective against monsters. This resulted in the development of skold-shot, bullets specially treated with deadly venificants to make them corrosive and poisonous. In Brandenbrass, civilians and teratologists are allowed to openly carry pistols, but by law these must be loaded with a special type of non-lethal ammunition called sack.

Although lacking the precision that would be afforded by rifling, which does not exist, a specialised musket called the long-rifle which has a longer barrel is capable of effective long distance shooting beyond the range of a musket using conventional bullets.

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