The Burgundians are a people who in the past settled far and wide in the regions surrounding the Grume. Their area of settlement lay to the west of the Gott Empire, which resisted their encroachments. After the Tutelarchs withdrew from the Soutlands the Burgundians expanded across the Humour and conquered the coastal territories of the Pilts, from whence comes much lingering resentment, even centuries later. Several important city-states, such as Brandenbrass, Fayelillian (still mostly Piltish) and Doggenbrass are Burgundian in origin.

At the time of the series the free principalities of Burgundis form a buffer between the Soutland states and the Gott Empire, for the most part retaining their independence from both.


As with many of the peoples and places of the Half-Continent, the Burgundians have a real world counterpart of same name, a Germanic tribe who invaded the Roman Empire and occupied a region to the west of modern Switzerland. The historical Duchy of Burgundy lay in a similar position to Burgundis between France and the Holy Roman Empire, trying to maintain their power and independence but eventually succumbing to neighboring powers.

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