Alternate names Solitarine
Type Calendar
Notable examples Saphine
Appearances Lamplighter

A caladine, also known as a solitarine, solitaire, or aletein, is an itinerant calendar who operates in a semi-independent manner from their clave. They are thus required to be both capable of operating on their own as well as diplomatic when necessary. While calendars are typically restricted to their own diet, caladines have a universally agreed right to travel freely between diets. Visiting with the local august is considered proper etiquette and presenting one's credentials to the laude may be necessary before being allowed to proceed further. Like their fellow calendars, caladines distinguish themselves with spoors and costumes emulating the forms of animals, although they tend to be more outlandishly attired. They are also the most fanatical calendars, operating with a missionary-like zeal. Nonetheless their itinerant nature helps to keep the various claves in a region united.

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