Catherine wheel
Alternate names Coldbeam
Type Torture device
User Various
Appearances Factotum
Mentioned Lamplighter

The Catherine wheel, also known as a coldbeam, is an instrument of torture used for capital punishment, especially for murderer, traitors, and sedorners. They are composed of large cartwheels mounted on thick poles. Briars are grown around the lower sections of the poles to prevent rescue of the condemned. It is believed that if roses bloom from these briars that whoever was executed on that particular wheel was a sedorner. Several Catherine wheels are located outside Brandenbrass at an intersection in the Siltmounds that is passed by whoever is leaving the city by land. Lictors are responsible for tying the convicted to them.[1]


The Catherine wheel or breaking wheel was an instrument of torture used for capital punishment in the Middle Ages and early modern times for public execution by bludgeoning to death, a more violent means than the wheels' use in the Half-Continent to cause death by exposure.


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