For the capital of the Haacobin Empire, see Clementine.
Status Unknown
Affiliations Lamplighters
Occupations Laggard
Series debut Lamplighter

Clement is a laggard serving with the lamplighters of the Conduit Vermis. t is not known if he survived the Battle of Winstermill.


Clement tends to be laconic and was not very pleased with having to escort the calendars to Winstermill.


Clement had been at Winstermill for at least three years. Following the attack on Numps and two of his fellow seltzermen in HIR 1598, he joined a party including Sebastipole and Josclin, supported by pediteers, lamplighters, and tykheounds. After Numps was recovered and returned to Winstermill Clement did not accompany Sebastipole when he tried to track down the attackers.[1]



After Threnody's carriage had been attacked by the pack of Horn-ed Nickers, Clement was sent to help escort the surviving calendars to Winstermill. On the way back he focused on searching for any sign of monsters with his sthenicon, although he caught and sharply rebuked Rossamünd Bookchild for letting his fodicar drag on the ground.[2]

He next helped Sebastipole investigate the gudgeon that Rossamünd had fought in the furtigrade, but they could find no traces of it as its body had disintegrated. I


Clement is an English name, a form of the Late Latin name Clemens. Clément is a French form of the same name.


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