Clementine and its many names.
Alternate names Various
Part of Benevenetium
Type Capital city
Ruler Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menangës
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Sceptic Empire (former)
Mentioned Trilogy

Clementine, also known the Imperial Capital, is the capital of the Haacobin Empire. As far as cities of the Half-Continent go, Clementine is massive, with a population of two million. As the seat of the ruler of the empire and the Imperial Parliament, the name Clementine is also a metonym for the ruler and their ministers.


The city is known by many names:

  • Arxaelagon
  • Benevente
  • Epistre Othea
  • Great Patio
  • Imperial Capital
  • Inquibem
  • Mesapontum
  • Quintessentum
  • Septicene


Clementine is in Benevenetium on the edge of the Marrow, 2,300 miles from the ocean. It is so large that it has 14 huge gates and equally huge drawbridges. These gates are:

  • Amaranthine Gate
  • Doors Inviolable
  • Doors of the Potential
  • Immortal Gate
  • Immutable Port
  • Impenetrable Gates
  • Perdurable Door
  • Port Aeternus
  • Port Indomitable
  • Port of the Elect
  • Sempiternal Gates
  • Sthenic Gate
  • Stout Gate (Door)
  • Undying Door

Because governing the empire solely from Clementine would be difficult due to its sprawling size, there are three subcapitals or alternats spread through the empire, one to the east and two to the south.


Clementine has an ancient history, built long ago on a granite plateau. Designed as a citadel, it was constructed of marble and granite and has massive fortifications. It was the capital of the Sceptic Empire and the site of the Battle of the Gates in HIR 1395, after which the Sceptic Dynasty was overthrown and was succeeded by the Haacobins, who retained Clementine as their capital.

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