Economous Musgrove
Economus Musgrove
Alternate names Metrician
Type Explorer
Employed by Various
Notable examples Inkwill
Economous Musgrove
Appearances Trilogy
Economous Musgrove
Mentioned Foundling

A concometrist or metrician is a person who has been trained to measure and record the length and breadth of all manner of things, combining the qualities of an explorer, researcher, soldier, and scholar. Inkwill and Economous Musgrove are concometrists.

Concometrists are well respected and attacking one is a serious offense.[1] They are the archrivals of the mathematicians, yet oddly enough are reckoned in the same brotherhood as lentermen as both occupations involve a great deal of travel, although this view is held more by the lentermen.[2]


Concometrists are among the groups that draw recruits from marine societies. Formally trained in athenaeums for five years, they are taught to be attentive to written detail, thus making good clerks. To prepare for the hazards and risks they may encounter in the world, concometrists also receive combat training, although the nature of this training was not specified. As a result, they are the most preferred clerks to serve on a professional military staff.

Due to their role concometrists have a relatively broader perspective of the nature of monsters and humans.[3]


  • Metricians (measurers)
  • Navigators
  • Surveyors


  • Calibrator: Both a tool and weapon, instantly marking the bearer as a concometrist.
  • Cingulum: The concometrists' mottle is a black and white checkered pattern.
  • Numrelogue: Used to record what the concometrist has observed and measured.


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