For the short story, see The Corsers' Hinge: A Lamplighter Tale.
Corsers' Hinge
Type Code of conduct
User Corsers
This topic appears in the side story The Corsers' Hinge, but not in the main story. Legends mini

The Corsers' Hinge is a voluntary code of conduct among corsers. Some of the topics that it deals with are:

  • forbidding murder to fill a toll
  • how often a gathering point for corses may be plundered, every two months
  • how corsers are to behave when they meet at a mutually coveted tomb

The Hinge exists in printed form. As it is voluntary, not all corsers follow it, the Micklethwart brothers being an example. However Bunting Faukes, a second generation corser, was raised by his father to respect and honour the Hinge.


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