The cothouse of Wormstool.
Alternate names Little manse
Part of Conduit Vermis
Type Fortress
Commander House-Major
Appearances Lamplighter

A cothouse, sometimes called a little manse, is a small fortalice used by detachments of lamplighters as a barracks and base of operations for their respective portion of highroad that they are responsible for. Built every ten or so miles apart along the Conduit Vermis, they take the form of bastion-houses or high-houses and may include outbuildings. Regardless of their design they are always constructed with defense in mind. The lamplighter ranks used at cothouses are slightly different. A commander is always a House-Major or Lamplighter-Major, assisted in his role by a Cot-Warden or Master-of-Lighters. Cothouses are presumably set up in a similar manner on other Imperial highroads.

The term does not apply to Haltmire and Winstermill, which are proper fortresses in their own right. Because of the distances between cothouses, smaller fortalices called stone harbours are located between them to serve as a place of refuge in emergencies.

Cothouses on the Conduit VermisEdit

Running from west to east, these are:

The farther east one travels and gets closer to the Ichormeer, the more dangerous the billet is considered. Newly minted Lampsman 3rd Class were typically billeted at western cothouses until they were considered worthy of being posted farther east through experience or ability.


Cothouses appear similar in construction and purpose to real-world tower houses and blockhouses.

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