Countess Plume
Status Deceased
Affiliations Orchard Harriet circle
Title Countess
Relatives Philemon Plume (husband)
Gaspard Plume (brother-in-law)
Plume family
Mentioned Factotum

The unnamed Countess Plume was the wife of Philemon Plume and sister-in-law of the mattern Gaspard Plume.


From a painting at Orchard Harriet implied to be of the countess, she had a "bright face, lively eyes and raven-dark hair."[1]


The countess' background was not revealed, although she and her husband did not have any children. They were both involved with Gaspard Plume's circle of intellectuals at Orchard Harriet and Pluto Six considered her "the truest of friends".[1] Nearly a decade before the events of the series, she was snatched from the steps their home, Temburly Hall, by a nicker. Baltissär, the Plumes' tykehound, tried to save her but was unsuccessful. The countess apparently sustained such severe injuries from the attack that Cinnamon, who happened to intervene, was unable to save her although he was able to aid Baltissär. Following her death, Philemon underwent a dramatic decline, becoming a shell of his former self. He abandoned his countenancy of Windspect Folia and began to live with his brother at Orchard Harriet.



After Europe and her party were taken to Orchard Harriet and stayed there to recuperate from the injuries they had sustained during the ambush at Step Dribble, Gaspard would invite them to attend and participate in the nightly gatherings where he and his friends would share the efforts of their work. Philemon attended as well, but never participated, instead frequently staring at her painting which he would sometimes toast with his glass.[1] Rossamünd Bookchild later learned from Pluto during one of the sittings for his portrait about the circumstances behind Baltissär's altered attitude towards monsters and the death of the countess.


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