Crescens Hugh
Status Alive
Affiliations Lamplighters
Occupations Lurksman
Series debut Lamplighter

Crescens Hugh is a lurksman who was stationed at Wormstool. He was one of the few members of the garrison to survive the Battle of Wormstool.



The day after Rossamünd Bookchild and Threnody arrived at the cothouse, they were assigned to feed and muck out the dogs. However because of Rossamünd's true nature as a Rossamünderling, they reacted so violently to his presence that the garrison thought that a monster was nearby. Hugh led a quarto of lampsmen around Wormstool to check, but they found nothing. Poesides later asked the lurksman to help him spot Freckle from the fighting top of the cothouse when it got dark, but the bogle escaped unharmed.[1]

On the day that Wormstool was attacked, Hugh along with Poesides and Aubergene Wellesley had been sent to deliver supplies to Mama Lieger. Although she warned them that it would be dangerous to return, Poesides was adamant. However the three had been on their way for about half a mile when Hugh noticed something odd through his sthenicon, just in time for them to gain the safety of Mama Lieger's seigh with a mob of monsters chasing them. They survived the brief siege and the attackers were beaten off by other monsters friendly to Mama Lieger. The three were then able to make their way safely to Bleak Lynche. Poesides warned Aubergene and Hugh not to talk about the aid the friendly monsters had given them, although Aubergene told Rossamünd what had happened.

Two weeks later Podious Whympre, the acting Marshal-Subrogat, summoned Rossamünd and Threnody immediately back to Winstermill, directing the other three surviving members of the Wormstool garrison to remain at Bleakhall until further notice.[2]


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