Patrishalt, Cripplebolt, Bleak Lynche
Patrishalt, Cripplebolt, Bleak Lynche
Part of Conduit Vermis
Type Cothouse
Appearances Lamplighter

Cripplebolt is a cothouse on the Frugelle located between Patrishalt and Bleak Lynche. Situated on the ruins of an ancient Burgundian tollhouse, Cripplebot is known for the horse-stud kept within its still-intact and ancient cellars. These are protected by three sets of strong doors and the maintenance of powerful nullodours. The nags bred at Cripplebolt can pull a load as if they are the sleekest horses, although they themselves are not.

After Europe stopped by Winstermill, a report was received that a small band of nickers had attacked Cripplebolt, destroying lamps and putting the cothouse under siege for three days until it was relieved by a force from Haltmire.[1] The post-lentum carrying Europe, Rossamünd Bookchild, and Threnody changed its horses at Cripplebolt before continuing east.[2]


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