Damsels of Callistia
Based in Autumns
Mentioned Lamplighter

The Damsels of Callistia are fabled women from the Heldinsage renowned not just for their physical beauty but also for their apparent immortality. They are believed to live in the autumns of the monster-lords, suggesting that they are manikins like the legendary Biargë. Nonetheless they have been the inspiration for stories of unrequited love, rapacious appetites, and much misery. Their romantic appeal has also inspired the modern day Callistia.

Arimis Arabis compared Threnody to a Damsel of Callistia when he first met her but she flat out refused to be introduced to him, sparking his subsequent and successful attempts to get those prentice-lighters under his sway to ostracize her.[1]


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 5

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