For the empress and founder of the Sceptic Empire of, see Dido.
Dido River
Part of the Dido flowing through Attica.
Alternate names Ix
Part of Half-Continent
Type River
This location only appears on a map and is not mentioned or visited in the story.

The Dido, also known as the Ix, is a long river and valley in the eastern part of the Half-Continent, found in the region of Attica and Opera. It is one of the longest natural rivers shown on Half-Continent maps, though it is nowhere near comparable in size to the Marrow.


The main branch begins in the Autumn of Sleep and flows northeast before joining the Opus and turning southeast. The mouth of the river lies in Yttria and is known as the Five Drains, presumably because it divides into a delta: this region is referred to as the Autumnmeers. The river basin lies to the east of the upland area in which the kingdom of Same once existed. Due to its size and location the Dido was probably of great importance to Attics.

Two main tributaries flow into the Dido: the Ido, which begins in Extimisi and divides Semetis from Emphytesium, and the Opus, which begins in western Opera or in the Grassmeer.

Behind the scenesEdit

D. M. Cornish described the river as "mystic" in a July 2009 blog post.[1] A coloured map of the Half-Continent he posed in March 2012 revealed that the Dido falls outside the borders of the Haacobin Empire.[2]


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