Doggenbrass & Useless
Doggenbrass and Useless
Part of Soutlands
Type City-state
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Mentioned Lamplighter
Economous Musgrove

Doggenbrass is a city-state located on the western side of the Grume. People from here are known as "People of the Dogs". Panapolë Swift and Giddian Pillow hail from Doggenbrass.


The Snooks was mentioned to purchase cheap wheat dust from Doggenbrass as a cost-saving measure instituted by Podious Whympre in spite of Winstermill's proximity to the Sulk.[1]


Like several of the city-states in the area, Doggenbrass was founded and settled by the Burgundians. The colony of Bleak Lynche, the last civilian settlement on the eastern edge of the Idlewild, was established by Doggenbrass. Bleak Lynche is not self-sustaining and requires financial support from the city-state.


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 8

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