Status Alive
Origin Patricine
Affiliations Right of the Pacific Dove
Honorific Lady
Occupations Laude of the Right of the Pacific Dove
Spurn (former)
Series debut Factotum

Dolours (pronounced "doll-loors") is the laude of the Right of the Pacific Dove and a bane. She also acted as the spurn to Threnody, the daughter of her close friend Syntychë, the Right's august, while she was prenticing at Winstermill.




A long time friend of Syntychë, Dolours remains steadfastly loyal to her. She voluntarily acted as Threnody's spurn despite her position as laude, the second highest ranked calendar of the Right of the Pacific Dove. While Syntychë favours her over her own daughter, Dolours sympathises with the difficult position that Threnody is in and took her duties her spurn seriously, exhibiting a great deal of patience.

She has a special relationship with the Duke of Sparrows, who admitted her into his presence and healed her injuries after the Battle of Winstermill.

After sailing to the Spindle with Economous Musgrove, she gave him her calling card and told him to let her know if monsters threatened the Undermeer, his eventual destination.


Bane: Dolours began as a skold and was later transmogrified into a bane, gaining a wit's abilities. She can make the deadly potive bitterbright and is a highly skilled and veteran combatant and leader.


Dolours is from the Patricine and speaks with an accent from that region, although which specific city-state she hails from is unknown. She journeyed to Herbroulesse as a teenager, having already received training as a skold.




Economous MusgroveEdit

Dolours was in Brandendbrass for unknown reasons and booked passage on the cromster Douse Fish, which was bound for Proud Sulking. She was the only other passenger other than Economous Musgrove and was already aboard when he arrived, silently greeting him when she noticed him.[1] She spoke first as the vessel cleared the Middle Ground and after a brief repartee, ended the conversation without introducing herself after Economous did so.[2] As the Douse Fish reached the Spindle, Dolours pointed out the refugees fleeing the monster threat to the east as well as disembarking soldiers sent by the city-states. In response to Economous' query, she was unsure as to whether the Undermeer was also threatened. When the cromster was boarded for inspection, Dolours took her leave and told Economous to send word to her if his destination was threatened by monsters, leaving him with a calling card.[3]


A dolour is a painful grief or suffering.



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