Part of Verid Litus
Type Mining colony
Affiliations Boschenberg
Mentioned Factotum

Euclasia is a mining colony in the Verid Litus west of the Campalline. Despite the enormous distance between the two it is controlled by Boschenberg. Some of the mining is done by convicted criminals shipped there from Boschenberg. Nihilis, a common ingredient in nullodours, comes from the Euclasia mines.[1]

Gosling Corvinius Arbour was spared a hanging and sentenced to the quarries of Euclasia after a court found him guilty of murder for burning down Madam Opera's, which caused several deaths.[2]


"Euclasia" is Greek for "easily broken." The name may also be a reference to the town of Eucla, Western Australia.


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  2. Factotum, Chapter 22

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