Europe as Euodice
Europe dressed as Euodice.
Other names Eurodice
Status Deceased
Origin Attica
Affiliations Idaho
Occupations Speardame
Relatives Eutychë (granddaughter)
Naimes royal family (descendants)
Mentioned Lamplighter

Euodice, also known as Eurodice, was speardame to Idaho and the founder of the noble family which rules Naimes, making Europe her direct descendant. Euodice's granddaughter Eutychë was herself a spurn to Dido, Idaho's great-granddaughter.



The painting "Idaho the Great Receives Tribute from the King of Lethe", which is displayed at the Patredike, depicts Euodice as being a "sweet-faced woman" with "ruby cheeks" armed with a spear and wearing a bronze casque with a black and white horsehair crest, white laminated lorica over which is a hackle of leonguile fur, and a red skirt.[1]

For her grand gala, Europe chose to dress as her ancestor to reemphasise her ancient bloodline as well as challenge her critics.


Euodice is a genus of songbirds. Her other name, Eurodice, may be based on the mythological Eurydice.


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