Other names Eurinin
Age Ancient
Stance towards everyman Various
Unique traits Creators of other monsters
Mentioned Lamplighter

The eurinië, known individually as eurinin (pronounced "yoo'rah'neen"), are the original monsters which had the power to create other monsters of the land. An ancient name that monsters give to themselves is the euriphim, which is derived from this term. The eurinins are among the Primmlings, the first monsters that existed before humans.

Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill, a student of ancient learning, was familiar with the eurinins from his studies used this knowledge during the court-martial of Rossamünd Bookchild to explain how manikins were created.[1]


At one point the eurinië were equal to the alosudnë, their equivalents who the were original monsters of the sea. The latter grew to covet mastery over the land and air as well, leading them to betray the eurinië, with whom they warred. This resulted in the birth of the nuglungs, who aided the eurinië. The eurinië emerged victorious and threw the alosudnë back into the seas, where they became idiot and turned into the false-gods. Following the later treachery of humans, the eurinië split and they became the wretchins, petchinin, and urchins. Knowledge of the eurinië subsequently was largely forgotten and is known only from obscure and arcane sources.


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 30

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