Ex Monsteria
Alternate names "Liber Beluafaunis"
"Book of Monsters"
Type Book
Author Hubritas Whittwornicus
Users Various including Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill
Mentioned Lamplighter

The Ex Monsteria or Liber Beluafaunis ("Book of Monsters") is a book by the Imperial teratologist Hubritas Whittwornicus considered to be the most learned and thorough about monsters. At the same time, it is unofficially considered to be a banned book for the dubious conclusions that Whittwornicus reaches. Ex Monsteria is extremely rare and apart from the most learned, very few know about it. Fewer still have an actual copy although Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill was suggested to possess one.[1] It also exists in an abridged form titled The Incomplete Book of Bogles, but even in this form it is considered to contain sedonitious information. a copy.


The Incomplete Book of Bogles is cited as one of the sources in all three explicariums.


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 8

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