Several expressions and phrases appear in Monster Blood Tattoo.

A light to your pathEdit

"A light to your path" is a lamplighter maxim which prentice-lighters learn on their first day.[1] During lamplighter funerals the phrase "A way in the dark" is added, making the ritual intonation "A light to your path. A way in the dark."[2]

Bent like a Hamlin bowEdit

"Bent like a Hamlin bow" is a reference to being crooked or contorted, usually in the back or limbs. It is a reference to the bows used by the mercenary thoxothetes of Hamlin and Cloudeslee.

Cuts and suturesEdit

"Cuts and sutures" is used by Doctor Crispus, reflecting his medical background. A suture is a medical device used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. It generally consists of a needle with an attached length of thread.

Of discipline and limbEdit

"Of discipline and limb" is a lamplighter maxim.[3] It was also used as a valediction by Sebastipole in his letters to Rossamünd Bookchild and the latter also used it in this same capacity while he was in Imperial service in his own correspondence.

Pullets and cockerelsEdit

"Pullets and cockrels!", literally meaning hens and roosters, is an expression that can convey surprise, astonishment, or disgust. It is used by a few characters:

Tish toshEdit

"Tish tosh" is a dismissive expression only used by Europe.


"Well-a-day" is a greeting primarily used Brandenbrass and the surrounding area, although a besomer at Winstrmill greeted Rossamünd Bookchild with this phrase when the latter was looking for Numps.[9]

When falsemen disagreeEdit

"When falsemen disagree" is derived from the aphorism "When falsemen disagree, to whom then can the truth be known?"


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