Alternate names Lillian of the Faye
Part of Soutlands
Type City-state
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Appearances Template:1

Fayelillian, also known as Lillian of the Faye, is small city-state in the northern Soutlands, west of Sulk End (across the River Humour and north of Brandenbrass. During the Dissolutia, it did not join the Stately League in its march on the Imperial Capital, Clementine. In HIR 1413, the new Emperor rewarded this loyalty with an expansion of the Fayelillian's borders, the elevation of her peers, the granting of patents to eminent nonpeer families, and bestowing of hereditary responsibilities, including the peerage-marshalry granted to the ancestors of the Lamplighter-Marshal. The current Lamplighter-Marshal is the Eighth Earl of the Baton Imperial of Fayelillian.

The people of Fayelillian, to common folk, possess a reputation hospitality and gentle simplicity, a far cry from their conquered Piltdownmen ancestors. Their fierce, indomitable ancestors fought a thousand years ago with the Burgundians, Brandenards, and Wretchermen.

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