Fend & Fodicar
Alternate names "the Pointy Sticks"
Part of Bleak Lynche
Type Wayhouse
Owner Goodwife Inchabald
Appearances Lamplighter

The Fend & Fodicar, known locally as "the Pointy Sticks", is a wayhouse in Bleak Lynche. Operated by Goodwife Inchabald, it is located across from the Bleakhall, to which it is connected by a lynche or bridge. Despite its remote location, the Fend & Fodicar does good business because it is the only warehouse in the entire Frugelle. The wayhouse's name refers to a spittende and fodicar, which are featured on its sign as being crossed together.


Following their arrival at Bleak Lynche and visit with the ranking officer at Bleakhall, an Altern-Lighter, Europe, Rossamünd Bookchild, and Threnody had dinner at the Fend & Fodicar. After Europe made her arrangements to stay for an indefinite period in order to fulfill a Singular Contract on a rever-man, she suggested that Rossamünd brew her Cathar's Treacle for her. He prepared it in the kitchen and after she drank it, Europe warned him to keep what he knew about Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill to himself. The next day the two young lamplighters departed for their new billet, Wormstool.

A few months later after the Battle of Wormstool, Rossamünd was given his own room at the Fend & Fodicar and slept for two days straight. When he awoke, Aubergene Wellesley, who had survived the battle and kept a vigil in his room, filled him in on what had happened to him and two members of the garrison when they were besieged at Mama Lieger's. Rossamünd stayed at the room while he and Threnody were put on light duties at Bleakhall and they talked in his room whenever they were not busy. It was also here that Rossamünd was reunited with Europe when she returned from pursuing the monsters who had attacked Wormstool. When he was summoned back to Winstermill, he left a letter to Europe with Goodwife Inchabald begging her to follow him back to Winstermill, which she did.

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