Type Flintlock flare gun
User Rossamünd Bookchild
Appearances Lamplighter
The Corsers' Hinge

A flammagon is a large-bore flintlock flare gun. Described as being stubby, it can be used as a weapon in emergencies.


The Corsers' HingeEdit

Featherhead used a flammagon to fire flares into the chasm beneath Case Nigrise connected to the Grume as part of the Seven-Seven's ritual to summon Shiggeloth.


While Rossamünd Bookchild was stationed at Wormstool, he was sent one day to gather thrumcops along with Sequecious and Threnody. House-Major Grystle issued him a flammagon to fire a flare in case of emergencies.[1] Following the Battle of Wormstool, a flammagon was one of the items salvaged from the cellars. Rossamünd fired it when he and Threnody got within sight of Bleak Lynche and the flare drew out a quarto of lamplighters who were the first to learn the disastrous news of the fall of the cothouse.


Rossamünd next used a flammagon when he and Europe were at the Patredike and waiting for the appearance of the Sloe Sapperling. This flammagon was from Decius Trottinott's armoy.[2] During the long wait he checked its priming multiple times. He fired the flammagon when Europe launched her attack, revealing the Sloe Sapperling's true nature. Rossamünd brought it with him for the expedition to confront the monster at its lair, but did not use it.


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