Various forms of government exist, primarily headed by a ruler.


An archduchy is ruled by an archduke or archduchess, an example being Brandenbrass.


A barony is controlled by a baron or baroness and is not a separate sovereign domain. An example is Sainte.


A countenancy is controlled by a count or countess and is not a separate sovereign domain. Windspect Folia is the hereditary countenancy of the Plume family.


A duchy is ruled by a duke or duchess. Hergoatenbosch[1] and Naimes are duchies. Technically autumns can also be considered duchies because of the monster-lords' assumption of the ducal title.


Haacobin Empire

The Haacobin Empire (orange and light orange) and its neighbours.

An empire is a country ruled by an emperor or empress. The primary empire referred to in the series is the Haacobin Empire, the dominant power of the Half-Continent. However other empires are mentioned:[2]


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