Status Alive
Affiliations Lamplighters
Rank Lamplighter-Major
Occupations Major-of-House of Bleakhall

Lamplighter-Major Fortunatus is Major-of-House of Bleakhall.



After Rossamünd Bookchild and Threnody survived the Battle of Wormstool, they managed to make it to Bleak Lynche and reported to Fortunatus at the Bleakhall. He was shocked by their news and could not believe their story until it was confirmed by a piquet of scrutineers who investigated and returned. Two days later he led the obsequy for the fallen members of the Wormstool garrison, who were buried in Bleakhall.[1]


Fortunatus is Latin for "fortunate", "lucky", "wealthy", or "happy".


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 27

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