For the first book of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy, see Foundling (book).
Rossamund as factotum
Rossamünd in his role as Europe's factotum.
Alternate names Wastrel
Type Stray or lost person, usually children
Employed by Various
Notable examples Rossamünd Bookchild
Gosling Corvinius Arbour
Appearances Trilogy

A foundling, also known as a wastrel, is a stray person, usually a child, who is found without a home or shelter on the streets or even in the wilds. If they are fortunate, they end up in a foundlingery or a similar institution like a marine society where they are cared for and prepared for an occupation or trade. Such a child is known as a book child.

The other alternatives for foundlings who are not as fortunate are more bleak. They could end up working in mills, workhouses, mines, or being exploited.

Behind the scenesEdit

In 2010 the American and Canadian releases of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy were rebranded as The Foundling's Tale.[1]

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