Dormitory Master Fransitart
Other names Master Salt
Status Alive
Origin Ives
Affiliations Verline's marine society
Europe (former)
Madam Opera's (former)
Brandenbrass navy (former)
Ives navy (former)
Title Dormitory Master
Occupations Dormitory Master of Madam Opera's (former)
Coxswain (former)
Gunner (former)
Relatives Unnamed brother
Unique traits Missing left arm
Series debut Foundling

Fransitart is a former vinegaroon who was the Dormitory Master at Madam Opera's. He assumed a fatherly role towards Rossamünd Bookchild.


Fransitart has been referred to by various names, most referencing his naval service:

Master Salt; Old Salt.



Fransitart has a generally gruff and firm attitude to most people a very strict outlook on life. Towards Rossamünd Bookchild, however, he is very protective and caring.


Fransitart's best friend is Craumpalin, whom he has known since he was a boy and with whom he served together in the Ives navy and later the Brandenbrass navy for years.



Fransitart was born in Ives, where he and his younger brother lived on the streets. The day after his brother died in his arms, Fransitart was seized by a press-gang and impressed as a ship's boy on the main-ram Adroit. It was here that he met and was befriended by Craumpalin, with the two becoming best friends.

After he was born from a threwdish swamp, Cinnamon, the Duke of Sparrows' trusted servant, brought the baby Rossamünd to Boschenberg, where he was in the process of leaving him on the doorstep of Madam Opera's when he was interrupted by Fransitart, who had arrived to take up his post. Cinnamon told Fransitart to look after the baby and that its name was what he was. The name Rossamünd was written on a piece of paper pinned to his swaddling, a reference to his being a rossamünderling. The sudden arrival of Madam Opera herself prevented Fransitart from learning more from Cinnamon, who immediately fled. Opera took the baby in and enrolled him as Rossamünd Bookchild, giving him the family name traditionally reserved for a foundling. This secret, which was shared by Fransitart with his fellow messmate, Craumpalin, after he had begun working at Madam Opera's, was kept between the two for years. Rossamünd grew up believing that he had been left on Madam Opera's doorstep with nothing but the name that was to haunt him for the rest of his life in the human world as the only clue to his origins.

Craumpalin later explained to Rossamünd that once Madam Opera had entered his name into the book, "it was a matter of ineffaceable public record. There was no renaming thee after that, and no fuss could be made without lookin’ mightily suspicious. So we had to luff up and let the matter be."[1]







  1. Factotum, Chapter 2

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