Type Cruiser class ram
Guns-broad Usually 20-24
Speed 13-14 knots
Notable examples Spritely
Appearances Foundling

A frigate is an intermediately sized cruiser class ram and the smallest of the true fighting rams. They are designed for speed and maneuverability, making them well suited for escort duties, scouting, patrolling, and supporting the capitals in the line of battle, especially the largest and most ponderous rams, the main-sovereigns. As with drag-maulers, lombards are also deployed more on frigates, allowing both types of ram to fire much heavier weight of shot than if they were using conventional culverins.

As Frigates mount fewer guns than capitals they must rely on their advantages in speed and maneuverability to defeat larger opponents. All-cruiser battles such as the Battle of Maundersea may extend over a much greater area than traditional naval battles as opposing forces race to establish an advantage.

Variations exist, such as the freebooter and heavy-frigate, and following their naval service frigates may be converted into packet rams for civilian use, stripped down versions of their prior selves.



The Battle of Maundersea was fought between numerous cruiser class rams, including several frigates.


Rossamünd Bookchild found the Surprise berthed at High Vesting, causing him to nearly swoon with delight as he recalled its illustrious history. He also discovered that his former fellow foundling Snarl was a member of its crew.[1]



The tactic of high speed ramming by smaller frigates against heavier, gun-focused capitals mirrors that of torpedo attacks by frigates and destroyers against heavier cruisers and battleships. Submarines mimicked the tactic, substituting stealth for speed and maneuverability. Early destroyers were also designed to ram small ships, including submarines.


  1. Foundling, Chapter 14

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