For the river with a similar name, see Frugal.
Part of Paucitine
Type Plain
Appearances Lamplighter
Mentioned Factotum

The Frugelle is an area of flatland or heath bordering the Ichormeer swamplands to the east and the Placidine highlands immediately west. It forms part of the Paucitine. The section of the Conduit Vermis stretching along the Frugelle from Ashenstall to Haltmire is known as the "ignoble end of the road" and is the most dangerous part of the Wormway, staffed by only veteran lamplighters. Monsters are common and the area is sparsely populated. There are many small streams flowing into the Gluepot as well as a single river, the Frugal, which supplies fresh water to the fortress of Haltmire. Fog is common, although rain is not: the fleermare coming up from the Swash bring in much of the region's moisture in the form of fog drip, making the Frugelle something similar to a fog desert.

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