Sallow Meermoon
Sallow Meermoon
Type Teratologist
Employed by Local communities
Notable examples Sallow Meermoon
Appearances Foundling

A fugelman is a locally appointed or elected teratologist who is sponsored by a community, either through the patronage of a parish's peers and magnates, or by subscription from the local people. Fugelmen tend to be skolds, although wealthy communities may be able to have their candidates transmogrified into lahzars. Depending on the situation, a candidate may be nominated or even forced into the role and their training paid for, at least in part, if an outside teratologist is unavailable. More competent teratologists tend to avoid functioning as fugelmen, thus the position tends to be filled by only the more inept or infamous for want of a better candidate. However, most fugelmen who are locals are proud to serve their community in some way.



Sallow Meermoon, a young woman from the Brindleshaws, was forced by her parents and fellow citizens to become a skold despite her reluctance, training at the rhombus in Wörms. Having recently returned, she was to have taken on the Misbegotten Schrewd and the nimbleschrewds, but to her tremendous relief was rescued from this burden by Europe.


A fugelman from Dough Hill was contracted to take on the Gathephär, but disappeared, causing Decius Trottinott to fill out a Singular Contract for it that Europe filled.[1]


Historically a fugelman was a soldier who selected to act as guide and posted generally on the flanks with the duty of directing the march in the required line, or of giving the time, etc. to the remainder of the unit, which would conform to his movements in any military exercise.


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