Alternate names Stilbine
Type Lahzar
Employed by Various
Notable examples Europe
Appearances Trilogy

A fulgar, also known as an astrapecrith, is a lazhar whose body has been modified to be able to generate electricity. The calendar equivalent is stilbine. They have been around for at least 200 years and first came to widespread attention during the Battle of the Gates.

Europe is a famous fulgar as is her friend Madigan. Anaesthesia Myrrh began as a fulgar before undergoing further transmogrification to become a dexter, a combination fulgar and wit.


A fulgar's abilities are collectively known as eclatics. These include:

  • Arcing: Generating an electric charge and releasing it by touching a target, a fulgar's most basic skill.
  • Defeasance/Scinderation: A rare and risky technique in which such a powerful electric charge is run through living matter that any liquid within it becomes superheated and bursts.
  • Impelling: Forcing a target to move or not move by taking a hold of them. It requires a lot of energy and involves subtly manipulating a continuous charge running through the target. Impelling is most effective when the fulgar has a firm grip on the target.
  • Resisting: Generating small electrical charges between two parts of the body, such as from hand to hand, thumb to forefinger, or hand to thigh. In this way a fulgar can charge their entire body with electricity, which will be transmitted to anyone who grabs them.
  • Thermistoring: Attracting lightning from the sky and channeling it to targets up to 100 yards away. The more skilled at this a fulgar is the better they can control the path of the bolt. Combined with this is terading or grounding. The fulgar lets some of the bolt's charge earth itself through one arm while the rest is dissipated or stored in the organs. This ensures that they are not blown up a lightning bolt.
  • Vacillating: A means of counteracting the antics of a wit by sending a mild arc through the fulgar's body, which needs to be strengthened proportionally if the wit strives harder. To some extent it can diminish the effects of threwd but the stronger the threwd the less effective vacillating becomes.
  • Vendette: Forcing someone to confess the truth before the agony and shock of being hit with powerful arcing kills them.

A fulgar normally requires direct physical contact with an opponent to use their abilities. While they can fight with their bare hands, they can also use a pair of rods wrapped with metal wire known as fulgaris to extend their reach and deflect weapons. Thermistoring is an exception as the fulgar can use the fulgaris to both attract and direct lightning from the sky at their targets.


"Fulgar" is probably taken from the latin word fulgur, meaning "thunderbolt."

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