Alternate names Fusee
Type Musket
User Various
Appearances Lamplighter

A fusil, also known as a fusee, carabine, or harquebus, is a musket with a shorter barrel than a conventional musket. It is the preferred weapon of ambuscadiers and other light infantry as it is easier to reload and handle in woodland that these pediteers would find themselves operating in and is adaptable as a melee weapon. Fusils are also used by training cadres such as prentice-lighters because their shorter length and weight is easier to handle for younger people. A disadvantage of a fusil is the trade off in accuracy and range.


  • The fusil appears to be a type of carbine, which was used by 18th and 19th century dragoons.
  • Fusil is French for rifle and historically was a light flintlock musket used by fusiliers. The fusil's alternate names refer to real world historical firearms:
    • Fusee is an old term for a flintlock rifle.
    • Harquebus is an alternate name for an arquebus.
    • Carabine is the French name for a carbine.

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