Status Unknown
Affiliations Lamplighters
Occupations Agent
Mentioned Foundling

Germanicus is an agent who was to help Rossamünd Bookchild get to Winstermill and who he was to meet with in the offices of the Chief Harbour Governor in High Vesting, per Sebastipole's instructions. It is not known if Germanicus survived the Battle of Winstermill.



Rossamünd Bookchild was tricked by Poundich into boarding the Hogshead and thus was delayed in getting to High Vesting. Despite what he had gone through, he was determined to keep his appointment and did not waver. While on the way to Silvernook to find a coach driver for Europe he was tempted to take the road to Winstermill, but did not forget Germanicus and completed his task.[1] The appointment with Germanicus caused a brief dispute between Europe and Fouracres after their arrival in High Vesting as the former saw Rossamünd as her factotum and put her needs first. After the pair saved Rossamünd from Poundich, Europe told him that they would find Germanicus. However before they had left the docks he recalled Freckle and persuaded them to free him.

After arriving at the offices of the Chief Harbour Governor they discovered that Germanicus had grown tired of waiting and departed three days earlier after leaving instructions for Rossamünd to proceed to Winstermill immediately. Following his arrival at Winstermill, Witherscrawl pointed out that he had heard about Rossamünd's tardiness from Germanicus.[2]



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